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Team 930 2018 Season Recruitment

Team 930 is interested in having new members join the team who are passionate about learning and improving their STEM skills and knowledge. Team 930 creates a unique learning environment that gives students an opportunity to make friends, be mentored by field experts, and acquire a unique experience in a fast-paced competitive environment. Those interested in our program can find more information about Team 930 and FIRST Robotics in our about section. 

Any high school aged students in Mukwonago area can join the team. 

  • There is a $100 registration fee per student (due before season kickoff, January 6th, 2018)
  • Fall pre-season meetings are on Mondays and Thursdays, 6-8pm from October until December. Meetings are held at the Mukwonago United Church of Christ.
  • Season kicks off January 6th. Build season runs from January to February and competition season runs through April.

Please fill out the membership application form below for more info. If you have any questions regarding signing up, please contact us!

Thank you for your interest in joining Team 930.


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